Guide to Table A - Articles of Association

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Guide to Table A - Articles of Association

Author : Chen Thim Wai


Publisher: LexisNexis

Format: Soft Cover , Book

ISBN: 9789674000776


    The foundation of a company is its Articles of Association and Memorandum of Association. Often, Table A of the Companies Act 1965 is widely adopted in verbatim by most companies in Malaysia as the Articles of Association of their company. This goes on without putting much thought to the actual effect of the regulations in the Articles of Association, the consequences of any breach or alteration, nor the application of the Articles.

    This book allows readers to understand better the regulations relating to the fundamental principle of company law practice; namely the preparation of the Articles of Association. In this book, the reader will be guided through a comprehensive analysis to the various terms of Table A of the Companies Act 1965. The analysis is substantively supported by case laws from Malaysia, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Australia and relevant legislations.

    Guide to Table A - Articles of Association is an indispensable tool for those who are responsible for the running of a company. The audience for this book ranges from company secretaries, directors, lawyers to students of business and company laws or anyone with particular interest in how companies should be run.

    Foreword by Tan Sri Edgar Joseph Jr, Former Judge of the Federal Court of Malaysia:

    "This is quite an outstanding local book because it appears to be the only one which delves into the regulations in Table A of the Companies Acts, embarking on a discussion of each and every regulation with admirable clarity and detail. The book will appeal to a wide readership among practitioners in the field of corporate law, including but not limited to corporate lawyers, company secretaries and in-house legal counsel. I commend this work and congratulate the author on his splendid effort."

    Part A

    Chapter 1 The Law on Articles of Association
    Chapter 2 Construction of Articles of Association
    Chapter 3 Drafting of Articles of Association
    Chapter 4 Alteration of Articles of Association
    Chapter 5 Self Help Measures

    Part B

    Annotation of 113 Regulations of Table A


    Chen Thim Wai

    B.Ec (Monash University); LL.B (Australian National University) Advocate & Solicitor, High Court of Malaya ACTIM Chen Thim Wai has been practising law in Malaysia since 1984. Some of his time (three years) abroad was spent with the Bankruptcy Office in Melbourne, Australia where he chaired many creditors` meetings.