Disciplinary Proceedings Against Public Officers In Malaysia

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Disciplinary Proceedings Against Public Officers In Malaysia

Gan Ching Chuan


Publisher: LexisNexis

Format: Book

ISBN: 9789679628173


    Disciplinary Proceedings Against Public Officers in Malaysia is your indispensable guide when you are in need of knowledge in the areas of public service discipline and administrative law. Disiplinary actions involve matters big and small and this book will guide you to determine the appropriate procedures to be followed to ensure that an officer's due process rights are protected. It not only provides you with in-depth coverage and pratical guidance but also covers the most important questions and excerpts of relevant legislation.

    Key Benefits

    -Disicplinary procedures- examines the applicable laws, the procedure prescribed by Regulations, matters arising and etc.
    -Expert commentary- offers insight from a regarded expert who explains the legal effects of the legislation and places the cases in perspective
    -Legislation- discusses the key legislation dealing with the current disciplinary procedures

    Chapter 1 Part X of The Federal Constitution: The Public Services
    Chapter 2 The Public Services Commission
    Chapter 3 The Doctrine of Pleasure
    Chapter 4 Disciplinary Authorities
    Chapter 5 Disciplinary Offences
    Chapter 6 Disciplinary Procedure (I)
    Chapter 7 Disciplinary Procedure (II)
    Chapter 8 Punishment and Appeal
    Chapter 9 Grounds of Judicial Review
    Chapter 10 Remedies
    Chapter 11 Malaysian Administrative Law: Public Service Discipline and Beyond