Criminal Law in Malaysia and Singapore, Second Edition

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Criminal Law in Malaysia and Singapore, Second Edition

Author(s) : Stanley Yeo, Neil Morgan and Chan Wing Cheong

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Publisher: LexisNexis

Format: Soft Cover, Book

ISBN: 9789812369277



    This second edition of a highly respected text critically evaluates the general principles of criminal responsibility in Malaysia and Singapore with a view to assisting the application of the law and promoting law reform. The major offences against the person and property are examined, including recent legislative changes. Leading cases from Malaysia and Singapore are considered along with relevant cases from India, Australia and other jurisdictions.

    This book is essential for legal practitioners, judges, scholars and students. The detailed analysis of the principles, workings, and complexities of criminal law in each chapter is done in an organised and structured manner, with clear headings and sub-headings that make it easy for referencing and review.

    A comprehensive analysis on major cases, academic commentary and law reform perspectives on criminal law clearly makes the book an authoritative text referred to in legal proceedings, judgments and scholarly journals.

    This second edition is also a definitive source of comparative law for lawmakers and scholars in other jurisdictions, where the Indian Penal Code forms part of the law, as it features helpful and insightful discussions of how Malaysian and Singaporean judges have interpreted and applied the Code provisions.

    Foreword by The Honourable the Chief Justice Chan Sek Keong, Singapore

    "..... In the Preface to this edition, the authors have expressed their gratification that it is because the first edition has been so well received by the courts, the criminal bar, scholars and law students that a second edition is called for to take into account the development in criminal law jurisprudence and legislation in the last four years in Malaysia and Singapore.

    What is commendable and useful about this work is that, as I have said in my first foreword, the authors have explained the underlying concepts and principles of criminal liability clearly in the offences discussed, and have urged criminal law practitioners to "use the... arguments made in the book to articulate legal principles and to develop and improve upon the current law". ....

    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1: The Criminal Law: Context, Sources and History

    Chapter 2 The Criminal Process, Harm and Punishment

    Chapter 3 Physical Elements of Crimes

    Chapter 4 Fault Elements of Crimes

    Chapter 5 Causation

    Chapter 6 The Concurrence Principle

    Chapter 7 Strict Liability

    Chapter 8 Homicide: Structure, Principles and Punishment

    Chapter 9 Culpable Homicide and Murder

    Chapter 10 Other Homicide Offences and Homicide Law Reform

    Chapter 11 The Non-Fatal Offences: Structure, Principles and Punishment

    Chapter 12 The Non-Fatal Offences: Consent, Provocation, Family Violence andSexual Offences

    Chapter 13 Property Offences: Structure, Principles and Theft

    Chapter 14 Misappropriation, Breach of Trust and Cheating

    Chapter 15 Receiving, Extortion, Robbery and Burglary

    Chapter 16 An Overview of Criminal Defences

    Chapter 17 Mistake

    Chapter 18 Accident

    Chapter 19 Consent

    Chapter 20 Private Defence

    Chapter 21 Exceeding Private Defence

    Chapter 22 Duress

    Chapter 23 Necessity

    Chapter 24 Unsoundness of mind

    Chapter 25 Intoxication

    Chapter 26 Automatism

    Chapter 27 Diminished Responsibility

    Chapter 28 Infancy

    Chapter 29 Provocation

    Chapter 30 Sudden Fight

    Chapter 31 Infanticide

    Chapter 32 Slight Harm

    Chapter 33 Protection Accorded to Public Servants

    Chapter 34 Abetment and Criminal Conspiracy

    Chapter 35 Joint Liability

    Chapter 36 Attempts

    Chapter 37 Corporate Criminal Liability

    Chapter 38 Revitalising the Penal Code: A Challenge