Jerry Eng

Director of Sales Southeast Asia

Jerry Eng

Kym leads the sales team in Southeast Asia driving new customer acquisition and existing customer growth for the legal, corporate, academic and government segments.

Kym has a Masters in Business Administration with a major in marketing from the University of Ballarat, Australia. She has over 20 years of experience under her belt in sales, product marketing, operations, and business management. Kym’s most recent employment was with Acestar, where she was responsible for building the company in the Information and Communication Technologies sector. Prior to that, Kym held various senior management roles including being at the helm of HP Inc Malaysia.

In addition to her business knowledge, Kym also has demonstrated leadership skills in managing the alignment of organisational priorities and strategic goals where she consistently drives sales and operational excellence.

In her spare time, Kym enjoys traveling, keeping herself active by exercising, and volunteering for charities.