Major Works – Atkin’s Court Forms Malaysia

Encyclopaedia of Civil Litigation Forms and Procedure

Malaysia’s only encyclopaedia of Civil Litigation Forms and Procedure, providing practitioners with a truly unrivalled collection of the main procedural documents required in every civil proceeding before the courts in Malaysia.
Largely updated to comply with the Rules of High Court, giving a vast array of commentary and guidance on the application of the rules. Approximately 450 compliant Court Forms, drafted in a modern and authoritative manner.

  • Easy to use and practical.
  • Each title contains expert commentary to guide you through general and specialist court procedures.
  • The Forms are fully annotated and cross-referenced to the appropriate paragraphs in the explanatory text.
  • Includes procedural tables as handy checklists
  • Step-by-step guides
  • Court Forms cover all stages of proceedings from pre-action right through to post judgment.

Atkin’s Court Forms Malaysia is updated four times per year.
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