Lexis® Affinity

Lexis® Affinity is a complete practice management and business system, in a single application and single database.

With Lexis® Affinity and its integrated framework, your practice can obtain a complete, end-to-end business system, with automated system maintenance for all key office functions.  Save time and reduce errors through automated documentation and workflows.

  • The latest rapid application development tools
  • Robust electronic filing systems
  • Central location for all documents, precedents, correspondence
  • Single application, single database solution
  • Complete business system without high costs of implementation

Streamline Practice Management
Improve your business processes with Lexis® Affinity. This streamlined system integrates everyday functions such as document production, marketing, email management, time recording, workflow and accounting, to allow you to map case flows and administrative processes into workflow processes.

Customize and Automate Law Office Functions
Save valuable management time. Lexis® Affinity provides options that can be configured to provide a turnkey solution with automated system maintenance for all key law office functions, including: marketing, accounting and financial management reporting.

Track Costs and Revenues
Set up each step in the workflow templates to prompt staff to enter fees or cause a fee entry to be generated automatically as each task is completed. This ensures all costs and revenues are captured and accounted for.

Integrated Diary and Time Management
Manage your firm’s appointments with Lexis® Affinity’s diary feature. Diary entries can generate fees to assist with speedy time recording. From one entry you are able to update the Phonebook and/or Matter as well as the diary for all nominated employees and resources.
Simplify practice management processes
Save time and effort by streamlining your firm’s existing processes and procedures into one integrated platform that supports all the business-critical functions of your practice while removing duplication. Lexis® Affinity provides a user-friendly experience that is easy to navigate and understand.

Control practice management costs
Reduce the costs associated with practice management. Lexis® Affinity provides comprehensive, lean infrastructure. Delivering more functionality, at a lower cost, Lexis® Affinity is an investment that will pay for itself.

Automated documentation and workflows
Increase the efficiency of your practice management systems. The workflow templates can also be used to automate document production, data capture, billing, management reporting, and to guide staff through the key steps in a range of legal service areas.

Customized options to fit your needs
Configure Lexis® Affinity to meet your firm’s practice management needs. Options include: precedents and document automation, records management and document control, interfaces to third-party software, and automated backup and system checking.
May we try Lexis® Affinity before purchasing?
We do not provide free trial for Lexis®Affinity as users need to be adequately trained on the functions to use it effectively and the training and set up will take at least 5 days. However, we can provide you a product demo session. Please call us at Tel: 1800-88-88LN (56) or email help.my@lexisnexis.com
Learn how to use Lexis® Affinity
Whether you are a new or an existing customer, you can benefit from training for LexisNexis products and solutions, including LexisNexis® Affinity. Learn how to get the best results, in the least time.

Contact the LexisNexis training team at help.my@lexisnexis.com

Contact a Sales Representative

Call 1800-88-8856

Training & Support

Get the most out of Lexis Affinity with these resources:

Email: help.my@lexisnexis.com

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