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What is Lexis® Practical Guidance

Lexis® Practical Guidance is the trusted online ‘how-to’ of legal practice. A leap beyond traditional legal research, Practical Guidance is a results-oriented workspace that helps you through the completion of tasks.

Our modules are written by trusted specialists practicing in Malaysia & Singapore. With step-by-step guidance, legislation, cases, checklists, tools, forms and precedents in one place, you can work more efficiently and be confident that you’re getting things right.

Lexis® Practical Guidance is the proven ‘how-to’ of legal practice.

Start on Point
Concise guidance notes are a roadmap for your matter, ensuring you start and stay on the right track

Save Time
Get straight to the answer with relevant information in one place

Speed up Processes
Tools and checklists bring you through pertinent processes, while forms and precedents help you produce fast and accurate documents

Stay Informed
Latest legal updates alert you to changes in your areas of practice

Delve Deeper
Direct links to LexisNexis commentary products and primary law 

Consult the experts
Leverage on the collective experience of practicing specialists

Designed by practice area and includes a range of topics, Lexis® Practical Guidance gives you access to a broad collection of:


  • Clear and concise introductions to each topic
  • Comprehensive elaboration of practical issues from a legal perspective

Practice Notes

  • In-depth practical commentaries on key issues in a topic
  • Step-by-step guidance to handling client matters from beginning to end
  • Hyperlink to cases, legislation and other related resources
  • Regularly updated to reflect developments in law and practice

 Checklists & Flowcharts

  • Easy-to-read point form guidance
  • Visual explanation of complex legal procedures


  • A wide variety of template for drafting agreements
  • Written exclusively for Lexis®Practical Guidance by local experts
  • Regularly updated to reflect developments in law and practice

Drafting Notes

  • Explains the rationale behind a clause
  • Describes the correlation to other relevant clauses
  • Highlights common pitfalls
  • Links to supporting cases and legislation

Alternative Clauses

  • Alternative clauses for specific business situations
  • Written exclusively for Lexis®Practical Guidance by local experts

Newest Feature - Getting The Deal Through (GTDT

  • GTDT is a multi-jurisdictional comparison tool giving short answers to self-customised and targeted queries entered by the user. This  tool is licensed from the publishers of Getting the Deal Through in the UK, to bring together a unique legal information resource, written by experts on each subject area, in every significant jurisdiction.

As Corporate laws are constantly evolving, Lexis® Practical Guidance – Corporate module allows you to easily keep up with the changes.

Use Practical Guidance in Corporate to understand the practical application of the law quicker, access to precedents with drafting notes and ultimately enhance your project efficiencies. This will allow you to invest more time in high-value client transactions.

What topics are covered?

  • Company incorporation
  • Company management
  • Directors and company secretaries
  • Corporate governance
  • Meetings and resolutions
  • Reorganisation, restructuring and insolvency
  • Audit and auditors
  • Private M&A
  • Share capital
  • Joint ventures
  • Labuan companies
  • Equity capital markets

And many more.

Managing your exposure to commercial and legal risks separates the deal makers from deal breakers

Now with Lexis® Practical Guidance - Commercial, we empower you to navigate the minefield of Malaysia commercial law.

Lexis® Practical Guidance – Commercial pulls together the practical know-how in commercial considerations such as the sale and distribution of goods, transaction finance and others, presented in a curated collection of precedent templates, checklists, flowcharts. These practical insights are backed by hyperlinks to authoritative primary and case law.

To ensure that our content is consistently current and accurate, we leverage on the expertise of our Editorial Board members, to better understand the ongoing development of commercial law.

Topic coverage includes:

  • Advertising, marketing and sponsorship
  • Consumer credit and protection
  • Contract
  • Data protection and privacy
  • Franchising, agency and distribution
  • Financial distress, bankruptcy and insolvency
  • Intellectual property
  • Joint ventures and collaboration agreements
  • Sale and supply of goods
  • Sales and supply of services
  • Tax and insurance

Staying up-to-date with the Malaysian employment law matters doesn’t mean you have to spend hours conducting legal research.

The Employment module provides  step-by-step guidance and best practice advice, supported  by on- point cases, legislation, checklists, forms, precedents, tools and trusted LexisNexis deep research materials.

Authored by trusted local employment specialists,  Practical Guidance is like having an expert at your fingertips.

What topics are covered?

  • Starting employment
  • Key developments – legislation tracker, news and analysis
  • Recruitment
  • Restrictive covenants
  • Pay and benefits
  • Protected rights in employment
  • Termination of employment
  • Trade unions and industrial action
  • Employment disputes
  • Domestic Inquiry

And many more.

Lexis® Practical Guidance – Dispute Resolution module covers key dispute resolution processes, offering step-by-step guidance and resources for the practice of civil litigation, arbitration, mediation and adjudication.  

The Dispute Resolution module offers practical guidance with legal analysis that allows you to work with confidence and make the most informed decisions.

Written by trusted local specialists in Malaysia, Lexis® Practical Guidance materials are continuously updated to reflect the latest of developments in law and court process.

What topics are covered?

  • Applicable law and jurisdiction
  • Limitation
  • Injunctions and other relief orders
  • Litigation
  • Evidence and discovery
  • Appeals
  • Enforcement
  • ADR
  • Judicial review
  • Winding up and Bankruptcy
  • Arbitration under Arbitration Act 2005

And many more 

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