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A compilation of articles, reports and decisions of the Sub Court, Shariah High Courts, Shariah Appeal Courts and Civil Courts is now accessible to all via Shariah Law Reports.

Shariah Courts in this country dispense justice independently of the Civil Courts. Their decisions affect the lives and affairs of Muslims, and in certain circumstances, of non-Muslims too. For the sake of uniformity, certainty, and predictability, it is vital that Shariah Law is accessible to all – be they judges, jurists, legal practitioners, academicians, law students or even the members of the public.

The Shariah Law Report has been endorsed by the ex-Prime Minister of Malaysia, Y.A.B. Dato’ Seri Abdullah Haji Ahmad Badawi when he wrote the Foreword, quote:

‘…it is my hope that this publication will only be the first of many more like-minded publications whose goal is to aid in the efforts of broadening each and ever one of our horizons on issues pertaining to matters of Shariah or Islamic laws and principles’

There is an eminent Advisory Panel in place being consulted on each issue. The Advisory Panel is led by Dato’ Faiza Tamby Chik, former High Court Judge, distinguished Fellow of the Faculty of Syariah and Lam (Islamic Science University of Malaysia) and a Director in the Board of Directors for the Institute of Islamic Understanding, Malaysia.

The Shariah Law Reports is updated four (4) times per year.

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  • Decisions of Sub court, Shariah High Courts and Shariah Appeal Courts
  • Decisions of Civil Courts on matters of Islamic Law
  • Landmark Shariah Court Cases
  • Articles
  • Practice directions issued by the Shariah Courts
  • Fatwas
  • Decisions of the Shariah Courts in other Muslim countries reported and grouped as follows:
    • From Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia and
    • From Pakistan and other Middle East Countries.

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