Major Works – Words, Phrases & Maxims – Legally & Judicially Defined By Dr. Anandan Krishnan

A specialized legal encyclopaedic dictionary is needed as a starting point when your research involves unfamiliar terms or terms too narrow to be indexed in other sources. Words, Phrases & Maxims is designed to assist you in determining the precise meaning of a particular word or phrase.

This publication comprises a set of 20 volumes and has definitions taken from judgments reported from 1524 to 2009. It includes not only full coverage of MLJ cases and Malaysian statutes, but also extracts from English, Australian, Singaporean, Indian and Shariah cases.

For anyone desiring an understanding of legal terminology, Words, Phrases & Maxims explains the concepts currently used in the field of law.

  • 20 volume set comprising more than 20,000 pages
  • About 30,000 words or phrases defined
  • Definitions taken from judgments reported from 1524 to 2009
  • Words & Phrases are mainly taken from Malayan Law Journal Reports, Singapore Law Reports, All England Reports, Law Lexicon, Australian Legal Dictionary and Judicial Dictionary
  • Excellent Resource – understand the complex terminology of law
  • Up-to-date information – includes case citations with page references for each word or phrase
  • Comprehensive Coverage – includes value-added features such as salient quotations from the court’s decision to provide context to the court’s interpretation of the word or phrase
  • Broad Scope – provides case law covering Malaysia, England, Australia, Singapore and India

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