Halsbury’s Laws of Malaysia

Halsbury’s Laws of Malaysia has proved its worth year after year as
the one and only encyclopaedia of law

This series covers the entire spectrum of Malaysian law and is designed to enable practitioners to answer a full range of questions likely to arise in the course of their work. Each title is written by or in consultation with leading lawyers, both practitioners and academics, to ensure that readers benefit from a wealth of knowledge and experience.

The series adopts the Halsbury’s Law of England’s style of propositional narration of the law, whereby statements of the law are substantiated by authorities in the form of cases, legislation and rules of court where applicable.

Ground Your Advice in Authority

Halsbury’s Laws of Malaysia covers every area of local law from the most fundamental to the highly complex. Even in niche and esoteric areas, this series has the answer.

Access a Wealth of Expert Knowledge and Experience

A compilation of over 20 years of legal expertise, Halsbury’s Laws titles are written by or in consultation with leading lawyers – both practitioners and academics – ensuring the highest quality and dependability.

Have Confidence Your Law is Up-to-Date

Halsbury’s Laws of Malaysia is updated frequently to reflect the latest legal developments, cases and legislation. Each paragraph includes notes detailing legal changes, for you to stay on track.

Easy to Use

Organised by practice area, you can find the content you need quickly and efficiently by searching across the publication.

Integrates with other content on Lexis Advance

The 49 volumes of Halsbury’s Laws of Malaysia are kept up-to-date on a bi-monthly schedule.

Covered Practice Areas

The following are examples of practice areas covered by Halsbury’s Laws of Malaysia:

  • Admiralty Law

  • Banking & Finance

  • Constitutional Law

  • Arbitration

  • Building & Construction

  • Companies

  • Bankruptcy

  • Civil Procedure

  • Employment

  • Criminal Law

  • Land

  • Trusts

  • Insurance

  • Legal Profession

  • Education

  • Tort

  • Family Law

  • Islamic Law

  • e-Commerce

  • Road Transport

  • Securities

  • Intellectual Property

  • Environmental Law

  • National Security

  • Media & Communications

  • Wills, Probate, Administration & Succession

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