Malaysian Court Practice

A comprehensive reference on civil procedure in courts

Malaysian Court Practice has quickly become an invaluable reference on civil procedure in all courts for lawyers in Malaysia. This work contains detailed annotations providing guidance on the interpretation and practical operation of the Rules of Court 2012, the Rules of the Court of Appeal 1994, and the Rules of the Federal Court 1995. In addition, it contains the full text of the Rules and up-to-date commentary supported by the relevant Malaysian case law, with reference to pertinent UK cases as well as decisions from other jurisdictions.

Easy Access to the Law

Detailed cross-referencing – including both internal cross-referencing to other parts of the work and external cross-referencing to authoritative practitioner reference works.

Current Content Source

Always up-to-date – the looseleaf format enables continual updating to take account of any current changes in the law or practice.

Seamless Navigation and Use

User-friendly format – information presented in a single source to ensure ease of usage, complete with a comprehensive index and tables of cases and statutes.

Comprehensive Guide to Civil Procedure

Provides total reliability with succinct and in-depth annotations of the rules.

Available online and in print.

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