What is Lexis Advance®?

Lexis Advance® is an innovative online research platform that allows today's legal professionals to
access trusted research from LexisNexis® quickly and easily

Refreshingly intuitive and flexible, Lexis Advance is designed with your efficiency in mind.
It provides you with access to the bigger picture — your way.

Why Choose Lexis Advance®?

Premium local content at your fingertips

Make informed decisions supported by a database of over 20,000 Malaysian cases, delivering the currency and coverage you need.

Search with confidence

Access unrivalled authoritative content from over 50 countries across more than 600 source groups.

Effortless integration of your legal needs

Supercharge your research with access to all your trusted LexisNexis publications and Lexis® Practical Guidance, all on one platform, with a single search box.

Designed for the way you work

Navigate straight to the most relevant results, with an easily personalised platform, complete with search parameters and annotations.

A pocketable library

Easily search across all your trusted LexisNexis subscriptions, from anywhere, anytime you need.

Refine your research

Cutting-edge search technology ensures you never miss critical results.

What's In It For You?

Research intuitively with Lexis Advance.

Red Search Box

Search across all content or start from a specific source, find answers seamlessly.

Case Analysis Malaysia (CAMY)

Verify information with ease with CAMY, showing you the status of cases so you are always using up-to-date law.

Search Filters

Intuitive pre- and post- search filters like the Timeline Filter help you refine results by date, jurisdiction, topic, court, publication, and more.

Search Term Maps

An innovative yet simple tool providing colour-coded search terms to help you zero in on what you need.

Recommended Cases

Let us help you connect the dots. Work more efficiently with a tool that identifies cases with similar ratio decidendi to the one you are working on.

Work Folders

From documents and text to annotations and search parameters, store and retrieve your results with ease.

Advanced Search Forms

Make the most of your research expertise and navigate straight to the most relevant results.

Research Map

Save, manage and backtrack through prior work. Compare documents and result sets. Or take an overarching view of complex research trials. This is smart analysis at work.

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