What is Lexis+® Malaysia?

Lexis+® Malaysia is a premium all-in-one ecosystem of integrated legal solutions — complete with superior research, analytics, practical guidance, and clause drafting analysis.

Built on the foundation of Lexis Advance®, with a dramatic new display that sets a precedent in simplicity and virtually no learning curve, Lexis+® delivers the results you need faster than ever before.

Why Choose Lexis+® Malaysia?

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Save Time

Immediately locate relevant case law, legislation, and expert commentary from a single-search bar.

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Premium Content

Cross-check application to facts on hand with an extensive database of local content
and authoritative source of secondary materials.

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Minimise Context Switching

All forms of research can be done comprehensively in a single platform.

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Powerful Search Revolutionised

Experience the new normal of legal research enhanced with features powered by
Artificial Intelligence to help you research more effectively.

What's In It For You? 

MY Legislation Citator
Analyse important information around legislation, which includes status of the law, explanation on the law, its history, related legislation, analytical materials discussing the law, and cases based on the specific legislation.
MY Case Target
Synthesize your search results and immediately get a concise summary of the most authoritative cases complete with the most pertinent judicial reasonings.
CaseAnalysis MY
Evaluate a case easily using a comprehensive case citator with clear annotation signals to indicate the strength and validity of a case.
Search Bar
Research the entire spectrum of content and jurisdiction from a single search bar.
Search Tree
Search data visualisation of your results set for complete control over your research experience.
Search Term Maps
Quickly spot your colour-coded search terms from results page or document in a glance.
Missing & Must Include
Review your results easily with a feature highlighting terms that are missing and must-include in your search query.
Search Within Results
Dive deeper into your search results with an enhanced ‘exclude’ field.
Recommended Cases
Connect the dots with Recommended Cases, work more efficiently with a tool that identifies cases with similar ratio decidendi to the one you’re working on.
History List and Research Map
Review and resume your past research without missing a beat.

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